Friday, May 23, 2014

Is Trenchless Sewer Repair the Right Way to Go?

If you're like most homeowners, you dread the idea of sewer repairs. This isn't surprising, considering traditional sewer replacement involves digging a deep trench through your property up to the street, as well as redirecting traffic and paying for repairs afterward.

Fortunately, there is another option: trenchless sewer repair, or sewer lining. With this fairly modern technique, our Chino plumbers can replace a broken or leaking sewer line by digging just one or two access holes. This means minimal disruption to your property, a faster and more affordable repair, and a new sewer line that will function perfectly for years to come.

While trenchless sewer lining is possible in many cases, it can not always be performed, depending on the condition of your sewer line. To help you determine if sewer lining is a good option for you, here are some common situations in which it is and is not recommended.

When Sewer Lining Is the Ideal Solution
The following situations are ideal for trenchless sewer repair:
  • Your sewer line is very deep,
  • The sewer line is very long, 
  • Your landscaping or other property (such as a shed, sidewalk, or patio) would be expensive to replace, 
  • Your sewer line is in relatively good shape and has not collapsed, and does not have joints, or
  • You are responsible for your sewer line to the middle of the street, in which case it would easily cost thousands to hire street sewer contractors, traffic control and street repairs.

When Trenchless Repair May Not Work
Sometimes trenchless sewer repair is not possible, as it can be too late to fix a broken sewer line with trenchless methods. Sewer lining may not be available if:
  • Your sewer line is very damaged, in which cause it must be repaired through trenching, or
  • You do not want to pay the sometimes higher upfront cost of trenchless repair and you do not have expensive landscaping.

If your sewer line is giving you problems, it may be time to consider trenchless repair. At Option One Plumbing, our plumbers specialize in trenchless sewer line repair in Chino to make your sewer line as good as new. We warranty your new sewer line for 50 years and guarantee our work.

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