Monday, June 16, 2014

4 Signs of A Hidden Slab Leak

The phrase “slab leak” may be a bit misleading if looked at the literal way, but it refers to a water leak in the pipes located in the slab or foundation of your house. A slab leak therefore is more about the location of the leak rather than what is actually leaking.

Since it is hidden from view, it isn’t easy to tell that there is a leak until it gets out of hand and causes lots of damage. How then can you suspect that there could be a slab leak in your home? Look out for these signs. If you suspect you have a slab leak, contact the Montclair slab leak experts at Option One Plumbing to pinpoint the source of the problem and get it fixed quickly.

A Spike in Your Water Bill.
Utility bills normally hover around a certain range if the family hasn’t played host to a huge event or had people visiting. It is therefore possible to know how much you are likely to pay at the end of the month for water.

If you notice that your bill is significantly higher than usual and nothing can explain it in terms of your user habits, there is a high chance that a slab leak is the culprit.

Low Water Pressure.
There is a water pressure level that is usual for the water in your home, and you know it unconsciously. Should you notice that of late the pressure has reduced the reason could be that there is a slab leak causing it.

Water pressure doesn’t just reduce unless there is the problem. Leaks are the most common causes of low pressure.

Water on the Floor.
If your bathroom hasn’t been used for some hours and you find it wet, suspect that there is a leak. The same suspicion should occur to you if you find water on the floor where you cannot easily account for its source. If you see water where it shouldn’t be, chances are high that you have a leak to deal with.

Part Of Your House Has Sunk.
This is at times hard to detect because it happens gradually but if you take a keen look at your house and you notice that some segment of it is lower than it should be, it is possible that what has caused what you see is a slab leak.

Slab leaks cause house foundations to sink because they make the surrounding soil soggy and thereby cause that soil to spread out. Once that happens, the weight of the house pushes down on the foundation and it begins sinking. That is how bad slab leaks can be.

You may, or may not see a combination of the above telltale signs of a slab leak. However, if there is anything out of the ordinary with your water, get your system inspected for leaks by Option One Plumbing before massive damage is done to the house and your property.

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