Monday, June 2, 2014

How Trenchless Sewer Repair Costs Are Calculated

For those that may not be very familiar with Chino Hills trenchless sewer repair, it is a bit unclear how the final bill is determined. The following analysis breaks down what is involved in that work and therefore how the final cost will be arrived at.

Inspection Costs.
No plumbing contractor will take on a job before he or she has carried out an inspection of the system so that they know what they have to work upon.

The first item that will be billed for is the inspection. Depending on the scope of the inspection that has to be done and how difficult that inspection will be, the resultant cost will reflect these realities.
Many contractors will charge you upfront for this inspection but if you award them the job of fixing the problem then the inspection fee is usually offset from the final tab that you have to foot.

Pipe Bursting Or Relining?
The method of solving the blockage or damage also plays a part in how much you will have to pay for the work done.

Pipe bursting is one of the options on the table. It involves using a special machine that breaks up the old sewer pipe while at the same time putting a new pipe in the place of the old one.

With sewer relining, the old pipe is left in place and once the cause of the damage or blockage has been addressed, a new pipe is placed within the old one so that a seamless flow results.

Whether you choose to go with pipe bursting or you are in favor of pipe relining, no excavation will be carried out. This means that your porch, your lawn, your driveway, your garden, your walkways or any other structures will remain untouched by whatever is done to fix the sewer line problem.

There is another constant that will not be affected by the choice of repair method. In either method, you will be billed basing on the length of the area to be covered. The bill will therefore be calculated basing on how many feet of ground have to be covered as the work is done. The only difference is that pipe bursting will cost you about $10 less for each foot of ground covered.

That difference looks small on its own but if there is massive ground where the work is done, those few dollars can add up to quite a big sum at the end of their entire project.

Summing it up...
There are some people that will have questions about why they should go for trenchless pipe bursting rather than opt for pipe relining. This is a matter that you need to discuss with your service provider so that you can be in position to make an informed decision that isn’t purely based on monetary considerations.

Whichever way you opt for will definitely be much cheaper than the old way of having to dig out the whole old system and then replace it from scratch. That old way is bad for your pocket, bad for the environment and bad for your building. 

Contact Option One Plumbing and a Chino Hills plumber will inspect your sewer line and let you know if trenchless repair is an option, and give you an estimate so you can enjoy the benefits of a new problem-free sewer line in Chino Hills.

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