Monday, June 23, 2014

The Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection

Whether you have owned your home or business for years or you are planning to buy a new home, there are many advantages that come with making use of a sewer camera to inspect a drainage system. The discussion below looks at some of the benefits of a video sewer inspection in Ontario.

Pinpoint Damaged or Clogged Places.
A sewer camera is very useful in helping to determine the exact location of damage or the location of a clog. Without it, a lot of time is wasted in needless guesswork of what, and, where the problem may be.

Verify That A Clog Has Been Removed.
Once work has been done in a sewer, the easiest way to confirm that whatever it is that had been blocking a certain section of the sewer has been removed is to use a sewer camera to inspect that sewer line. The client can also see for themselves in real time as the camera makes its way through the sewer.

Establish Pipe Types Used.
It is crucial before any work is done in a sewer to know what types of pipes are down there. Even a home buyer needs to have this information before they buy so that their buying decision factors in the information collected.

The plumbing system may be an obsolete type that will need to be replaced as a matter of urgency so knowing this in advance will help in decision making.

Identify Problem Areas.
You should not always wait for a problem to occur then fumble to fix it. With sewer camera inspections, you can tell which spots are likely to develop clogs or get damaged. When you are able to tell these likely trouble spots, action can be taken to rectify the problem that could have clogged or damaged that sewer line.

Locate Hidden Pipes.
Sewer systems are well known for having pipes in all sorts of places. It is not always easy to identify where these pipes are and with the help of sewer camera inspection, the task of identifying those pipes that are underground or those that are located deep within walls becomes possible, without having to dig up or demolish large sections of walls as you look for pipes.

Inspecting New Sewer Systems.
Before a new sewer system is cleared for use, it has to be inspected to ensure that all is well with the pipes and everything connected to the system. Such inspection can easily be done with the help of a sewer camera so that there is confirmation that everything is as it should be.

Sewer camera inspection in Ontario makes work very easy because it isn’t necessary to send a man down there or damage infrastructure just because you want to know the condition of your sewer line. Suspect tree root intrusion? Is there a stubborn clog? Is your sewer line preparing to fail? A video inspection of your Ontario sewer line can answer these questions. The next time you need work done on your sewer, turn to the expert plumbers in Ontario at Option One Plumbing for state-of-the-art technology to minimize disruption to your property.


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  3. A sewer inspection camera can provide you with a visual reference of the condition of your pipes . Sewer inspection cameras are much less intrusive while eliminating the higher cost and excessive digging in your yard while guessing the wrong spots.