Monday, June 30, 2014

What Are The Common Causes Of Slab Leaks?

We live in world that values logic so it is always important that we understand why something has happened so that we prevent the same mistakes from being committed. Because slab leaks can be so costly, it is even more important to understand why they occur so that we “leak-proof” our establishments.

The following are the most common causes of slab leaks in Rancho Cucamonga and elsewhere in California. 

Shifting Foundations.
Waterlines are fairly immovable so once they are laid and the underlying foundation of the house moves, then there will be slab leaks. The foundation of a house can move for a variety of reasons ranging from being based on a poor design or the ground underneath that foundation wasn’t firm enough to take the weight of the structure that was constructed upon it.
If for some reason the foundation moves, it will disrupt the water system and chances are very high that there will be a slab leak.

High Water pH
If the water that is supplied to your area has a higher than normal pH then it is possible that the pipes leading to your house will be corroded and tiny holes will be drilled into those pipes. It is from these pinholes that water will leak into the foundation of your house.

Water acidity can therefore be a contributory factor in causing water leaks beneath house foundations.

High Water Pressure.
Water pipes can only take so much pressure from the water they are carrying. If the water pressure gets too high, weak points in the pipes will give way and there will be a leak. If that happens deep under your house, then it will result in a slab leak.

Water Lines That Are Poor.
Some plumbers don’t pay sufficient attention to the quality of the materials they use when laying water lines. If you are unfortunate enough to hire such a shoddy plumber, then you will have slab leaks as time goes on because the poor materials used will not withstand the water pressure for long.
Aside from the quality of materials used, poorly laid lines can also result into slab leaks. The water pressure as water comes to your home is much higher than that if the waste water from your bathroom and kitchen. The Rancho Cucamonga plumber must know this and lay the system accordingly. If they fail to, you are a candidate for slab leak issues.

Some of the causes of slab leaks are due to human error so it is very important to hire the right plumber for the job when you have your home built or repiped. Routine maintenance work on water systems can also identify likely sources of leaks and, when fixed early, you will be spared the huge expenses that you would have incurred later on. Contact Option One Plumbing for an inspection of your plumbing system if you suspect you have a slab leak, or if you want to avoid costly repairs down the road.

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